These principles are what we value and who we are.

Product Magic, Invention and Obsession.

We obsess about building magical products that amaze our customers and change their lives. We search ceaselessly for the best ideas and invent to create the radically new. We are not limited by the conventional. We make software do new things. We bring science fiction to life.

Exceptional People, Coaching and Growth.

We work relentlessly to raise the standard of the team through recruitment of ever more exceptional people, coaching, self-improvement, feedback-seeking and learning. We all own making our work environment challenging, exciting, welcoming and fun.

Impact and Big Thinking.

We prioritize by what has the biggest impact. We aim for the absurdly ambitious. We are not limited by what other people say is possible.

Truth and Dissent.

Businesses can win by seeing the truth more clearly. We willingly seek diverse opinions; we hold our assumptions up to daylight and we discover what is true with data. We are all required to respectfully challenge any thinking when we believe there may be a better way. As a team, we fully get behind the chosen direction, even if doubt remains.


Speed matters. Much learning comes from trying and only rarely do decisions require prolonged study. We have the courage both to make swift decisions and to reverse them when we learn they are wrong.

Trust and Humility.

We earn the trust of our colleagues, customers and partners with every interaction. We listen attentively, communicate openly, demonstrate great judgment and treat people with respect. We take responsibility when things don't go to plan and swiftly admit mistakes when they occur.

Highest Standards.

To succeed we apply the highest standards to everything that we do. We benchmark ourselves against the best and aim to improve far beyond. We seek out best practice and adapt it for our situation and needs.


We are owners. We take responsibility, regardless of role, and see it through.

Delivery and Grit.

We deliver. We persevere. We set and hit challenging objectives, deal effectively with set-backs, continuously improve the right metrics and succeed.